I write a lot about 'Cannabis Use Disorder' and how the numbers were inflated (up to and including the 30% number you cite...) in my new book 'Seeing Through the Smoke'; they rope in all the medical cannabis patients by including 'tolerance' and 'withdrawal' -- it's written to be extremely inclusive (and inflationary...). - Dr. G.

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It's a classic revolving-door lobbying scam.

He spent $100K on lobbying in 2020: https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/smart-approaches-to-marijuana/lobbying?id=D000097890

Who funds him? Answer that question, and we could see the whole picture.

But Sabet's been hiding the source of his funding for years.

Excellent analysis here by Diane Goldstein, a 20-year veteran of the Redondo Beach Police Dpt.


But who funds him?

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I agree with what some of Sabet says. It's not hard to figure that an industry where you have to promise to violate federal drug law just to get a license is going to be full of opportunists without any scruples. Yes, 26 USC 280E is the biggie. It's not fair to consumers to not even try to get a DEA registration like the peyote dealers in Texas, under 21 USC 822(d). But, maybe they prefer it to be illegal to cut down on honest competition.

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